Wooden windows

We produce EURO 68 and EURO 78 profile windows and Scandinavian type 68 and 78 profile windows for Scandinavian countries. We can also offer the English standard windows.

Why wooden window?

  • Wood is a natural, durable material which perfectlysuites for various architectural styles of the buildings;
  • Wooden windows save energy and your money;
  • Wood expands less (when temperature changes) compared to other materials used in windows manufacture;
  • Wooden windows are resistant to electrostatic charge and do not accumulate dust;
  • Such windows enliven design of the building from the outside, and gives comfort from the inside;
  • A high quality German opening technique ("Siegenia AUBI") is used for windows production, there is another micro-ventilation position;
  • For coloring or shading we use GORI-TEKNOS or RHENOCALL paints that give a perfect look and resistance.

Wooden windows with aluminum

Wooden windows with aluminumAluminum cladded wooden windows - this is the highest class for windows. They offer all the excellent qualities of traditional windows, but at the same time, they are much more resistant to outdoor conditions and require less maintenance and are more durable. The windows are cladded using a German company GUTMANN CORA system.

 Such windows with aluminum is much more resistant to damaging environmental impact than traditional wooden windows:

  • More resistant to frost and warming cycles
  • More resistant to UV rays
  • More resistant to rain, snow, etc.
  • They are much easier maintained

For production of such windows "KRIAUTĖ" is using a German system. Aluminum profile can be placed on new windows, as well as on renovated old windows, in order to strengthen them and to keep the same style of the interior. 

Windows coloring

Windows coloringWooden windows coloring is the matter of taste. First of all, such windows are colored, not in order to change the natural appearance of wood, but to increase its durability, which is achieved by impregnation and painting. 
We use GOTI-TEKNOS and RHENOCALL paints - a high quality, resistant to sun, rain and humidity, ecological, perfectly stick to wooden surface and eventually do not lose these qualities.
Wooden window painting does not mean that wood has to lose its natural beauty. Paint layers provide durability and additional shades to adjust windows to the overall exterior and interior.  If a client requests, we can also keep wood‘s natural color.

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