Wood planing and drying

JSC KRIAUTĖ provides wood drying and planing services. We can dry and plane large quantities of wood in a short amount of time.

We have computerized modern hothouses with the total capacity of 300 m3. Different computer programs are applied for drying each species of wood, as well as for different wood thicknesses. 250 computer programs are available in wood drying process.

We use specialized loom for wood planing. Planed wood acquires a smooth surface, therefore it becomes easier to dye and varnish it. Wood texture is revealed through planing and dyeing; any stains become easy to clean.

Did you know that coniferous wood is the one that is usually planed?

It is the most valued type of wood because of its light weight, tenderness and easy processing. For example, pine trees have tons of positive features: they do not branch out much, they are resinous, flexible, insensitive to moisture and has nice texture.

Floorboards, stairs, fences, wooden boards for interior and exterior finish, various other interior details—planed wood is perfect for all of that.

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