Joinery - Woodworking

Wood is one of the oldest building materials, but it still remains one of the most popular. It has not gone out of fashion in several centuries because of its ecological features, versatility and a wide range of creative opportunities.

Our company not only has full scale timber preparation and drying equipment, but also very strong joinery manufacturing, equipped with various wood processing machines and skilled joiners. We can manufacture almost any type of wooden elements or finished products for specific long-term orders.

Here is what we can offer to you…

We can not only make wooden doors, gates, Scandinavian, English or Euro type wooden windows and window sills, but also furniture or construction components, or other timber products defined by specific parameters.

We know that people are often disappointed with the quality and longevity of acquired building materials, therefore we want to ensure that we only use high-quality materials and qualitatively dried timber. Our teams mostly work with softwood, but if necessary, we can produce products using hardwoods as well.

Many years of experience in wood processing and construction industry allows us to say that high product and service quality is our constant companion, and returning clients are a perfect proof of that.

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