Wood construction

Wood is characterized by excellent performance building material, particularly suitable for Lithuania and the Nordic climate:

  • There is no shortage of wood resources in Lithuania, which makes production costs very appealing.
  • Wood has great thermal conductivity.

Wood products can be used for both interior or outdoor decoration and load-bearing structures in construction.

We specialize in wood processing, therefore high-quality wood is one of our main products. We have great wood preparation and processing capacity. The company has a 300 m3 wood dryer with 250 installed wood drying programs.

According to your requirements, we can prepare wood products by choosing the most suitable tree, the right density and drying program; if needed, we can also mill, plane and polish wood production, so it has necessary attributes for reasonable price.

The main types of wood and services we provide:

  • Wooden boards of various measurements for exterior and interior finishing.
  • Constructional timber of various proportions.
  • Wood drying. We can dry large amounts of wood.
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