Wooden houses

Wooden houses have always been valued in Lithuania because they’re perfect for withstanding cold Lithuanian winters and inconsistent weather. Of course, the fact that Lithuania is full of timber also adds to its unwavering popularity. Here are some of the most significant positive attributes that wood possesses:

  • Warmth. Wood has better thermal insulation than masonry and other structures.
  • Ecology. It’s hard to imagine a more ecological building material than wood.
  • Cosiness. Living in a wooden house will make you feel cosiness that you can’t experience in any other type of building. Great microclimate and ventilation means less allergies and other chronic diseases. What’s more important than health and well-being?
  • Cost. Since wood is aplenty in Lithuania, the production costs become very appealing.

High quality is critical in building wooden houses, therefore it’s crucial to employ professionals. Our factory specializes in wood processing and production. The team of specialists at KRIAUTĖ knows what type of timber is best suited for a certain job and how to properly process it.

We build houses that are long-lasting and resistant to various outdoor conditions. We can produce and build wooden buildings of different sizes: from small gazebos to multi-storey houses.

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