Why a panel house is a good choice?


  • Automated production - ensuring high precision of products
  • Standard units - guarantee the absence of frost bridges
  • Production is fully controlled
  • Specially trained personnel works in the production process


  • House assembly takes 3 to 5 days.
  • Contact us only once and specialists of UAB Kriaute will produce and assemble a house under a typical or individual project. Ready-made panels of up to 12 m length help to save time on the construction site.
  • House- assembly work can be done all year round


  • Only certified materials are used for production of houses
  • Post-guarantee service is provided


  • Short assembly time - workforce to be hired for a shorter time
  • Light- weight building elements - simpler foundations
  • Pre-fabricated elements of a house are delivered to the construction site in due time - you do not have to take measures of precaution against theft.
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