Production process

Our panel house production plant was launched in the second quarter of 2007. The manufacturing floor space is 10 000 m2, this includes space used for both - manufacturing and storage purposes. 

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Panel houses are produced by highly qualified specialists.

The estimated production yield is 300 average size residential houses per year. 

The basic elements of a panel house such as outside and inside walls, ceiling and roof (except roof covering, which is to be chosen by a client) are made indoors in accordance with drawings. Every house element passes quality control in the production-shop. This is how high quality of products is achieved in our company. The bearing structure of a panel house consists of wooden elements. Highest-quality wood with 15 % moisture content is used for production of panel house elements. Dried wood does not shrink or turn. This is an environmentally friendly material which makes your home cosy and comfortable.
UAB Kriaute cooperates with architects and designers. Our engineers can adjust the equipment to comply with the requirements of the project. Production takes place indoors; therefore, the impact of atmosphere is avoided.
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  • In the course of production process we focus our attention on technical solutions ensuring high quality of products.
  • Specially-trained highly-skilled employees work in the production area.
  • Pre-fabricated elements are made by using computerized equipment, therefore the human impact on precision and quality of the final product is reduced.
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